Support for developing new businesses in Asia

Chinese Market

    We helped a major Japanese apparel maker to set up business activities in China, and succeeded in supporting to open many shops in major cities including Shanghai.
Vietnam Market
  • elped to set up a number of businesses in Vietnam.
  • By fully using our networks of businesses in Vietnam, including Sovilaco-a state-run business in Vietnam, we successfully helped to set up a new business in the food and healthcare field.
  • Supported market growth for exports of plastic as a source of material.
  • Helped in supporting the Liberal Democratic Party member's visit, such as Vice-President Mr. Koumura Masahiko, to Vietnam; we also act as an intermediary for each of the government's VIPs.

Supporting sales expansion in Japan

By supporting the sales expansion of the official drink of Spanish League's Real Madrid's SOLAN DE CABRAS to Natural Lawson and Shinjuku Isetan, we were able to help them enter the Japanese market.

Supported a beverage company expand their market to include female consumers.
Produced promotional products for an underclothing maker.

Product development support

For the market growth of recycled plastic, the tofu product 'Hanaban' was made and commercialized.
The product has become very popular amongst many celebrities, and is carried by major convenience stores such as Lawson.

"SAKE ROSE RIZ D'AMOUR" is special Sake made from wild rice. We realized the collaboration of "SAKE ROSE RIZ D'AMOUR" and the great painter Hajime Sorayama's new collection of art called "MASTERWORKS". We made a bottle box and a label with Hajime Sorayama's artwork"SHEER BEAUTY" which is the artwork on the cover of Sorayama's "MASTERWORKS".

Working with Marukome we supported the development of a new Koji(malted rice) product for women, and produced and opened a caf? called Koji-machi 'ONIWA caf?' by ourselves.