Fundamental concept

GFB Enterprise Ltd. has the objective of maximizing their customers 'Value', and with this objective in mind we will offer consultation and sales support. For this reason, the 3 values 'Share Value', 'Create Value' and 'Leverage Value' will be realized.

  • Share value
    Experience from starting a business, business experience with large enterprises and small to medium enterprises, or experience gained from various businesses through consulting has given us a way of thinking and knowledge that allows us to see viewpoints or make an analysis that may not have been noticed by other parties concerned; we can share experiences from other industries, provide information, or sales networks that would not be normally available. We can offer something of value.

  • Create value
    The support we provide can create a new value. We feel that this is the most meaningful aspect for our customers, for us, and especially for the company. By working together we can build a close partnership, we can share our knowledge, experience, methods, networks and use these to our maximum advantage; through this synergy effect, an excellent result can be achieved, one that cannot be achieved on a single basis.

  • Leverage value
    We realize that your business will continue after our consultation. Even after the consultation period has ended, we want to contribute to the growth of your business. As we have the intent to work on your project as a team, we wish to hand down our methods, way of thinking, skills and knowledge on to you.

Our fees

"We don't know how much it will cost us."

To answer our customers' questions about our fees, we have given you an idea about our pricing.

For our advisory contract, we charge from 200 thousand Yen per month before the start of a project (taxes excluded, transportation expenses excluded) as a fee. Upon your agreement of the advisory contract with us, our company representative, Hosono would be happy to address your questions, and concerns. For projects, it will be based on time spent on projects in days. Generally speaking, we will visit your company, after a discussion we will have you decide the days and time that you would like to receive our service, we will then give you an estimate, and then proceed onto the contract agreement.

Reference price for our services
Note: In the case of the purchase of expensive reports or asking for heavy volumes of translation, we will charge you for our services on a separate statement.

Support for developing new business
Support for developing new products
On considering new ideas or working towards a realization of a goal, on considering starting a new project, we will provide a separate estimate.
Support to develop new business in Asia/Market Growth/Developing new markets, sales promotion support Contract for fixed compensation+remuneration for results.
Fixed compensation: 1 month - from 200 thousand Yen. (Depending on the amount of time of services offered in 1 month the price will vary. Taxes not included, transportation not included)
Remuneration for results: 5% and above of sales. 
(Dependent on the type of industry・products, and type of support received.)